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W.E.T.T. Inspections

We offer prompt, professional certified W.E.T.T. Inspections for personal home owner's insurance as well as for Real Estate transactions for the removal of subjects on the purchasing or selling of properties.

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We don't typically engage in hyperbole, but we will say that no matter what problem you have, or encountered in the past, Black Velvet Chimney Sweeps will be the solution.


When you've been in business as long as we have  you learn a few things. Or, in our case, more than a few. We not only have simple, ready-to-implement solutions for almost every problem or idea you may have, but we look forward to the challenge.

 Black Velvet Chimney Sweeps has you covered. You'll thank us for it later.

Rather than a fluctuating fee because your home is two storey, has a steep roof, etc., our cleaning costs are set the same across the board. What you pay is what your neighbor pays. Speaking of which, by organizing 3 or more cleanings for your neighborhood, we can offer a group discount. Contact the office for more information.



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We always say, "There's no problem we won't solve."


If you need a team of experienced folks who understand wood applicances, installations, and code compliance and how to make it work for you, we're here to help.